2014 years

sep / 05

2014 years

aug / 14

2014 years

'KIA Korea women's open' with JVR #2

jul / 02

2014 years

'KIA Korea women's open' with JVR

jun / 16

2013 years

'you who came from the stars' JVR water pot

dec / 23

2013 years

'NEFS masterpiece 2013' with JVR #2

aug / 27

2013 years

'NEFS masterpiece 2013' with JVR

aug / 06

2012 years

JVR sports bottle 'Halo & Mezzo' are awarded by 'good design'

jan / 04

2012 years

global sourcing fair in HK

apr / 20

In 2012, JVR has attended the China global sourcing fair held at Hong Kong Asia world expo organized by global sources group.

From April 20th to 23rd, the exhibition was opened in Hong Kong which in the world’s 11th largest economy in Asia, held in Hong Kong as a center of trade for the world to make inroads into the market is considered the best in international exhibitions.
The scale of Global China sourcing fair was held in 70,000 square meter with 4,200 booth where JVR was exhibited at special sector for Korean company.
During this exhibition, JVR has shown 2012 new arrivals of F/W season. The world has captured much attention to outdoor water bottles (Halo, Mezzo), JVR wine opener and stoppers.
Moreover, the unique and exclusive concept of JVR design showed much impression to buyers from worldwide who were hunger for fresh items.

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